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You want to help with the People's Summit 2024? Become a Helping Hand!

The conference thrives on the co-design and participation of its attendees. Whether it's room support, food distribution, awareness work, or the info point - we look forward to having you on board. Please follow the link below and fill out the contact form. Our goal is for all Helping Hands to get as much out of the conference program as they wish even if they support us actively. Helping out does not mean that you will miss out on interesting panels and discussions in workshops.

Sign up here if you would like to help before/during/after the conference:


What do the individual tasks involve?

We would like to give you a brief overview of the activities for which we need support in the days before, during and after the People's Summit. But don't let this information overwhelm you. If you don't know exactly where you want to help out yet, that's fine too. Write to us anyway!
On Monday, 11.03.2024 at 6pm, we invite all Helping Hands to an online info call to get to know the team and discuss the tasks in detail. We will send you the access data in advance by e-mail, provided that you have registered in our Helping Hands form.


Social Media: Support our social media working group from up to two weeks before the conference. Help us to plan and create content, and think together as a team about effective ways of publicizing. This does not mean taking on a full-time job, but rather coordinating well together with your existing capacities.

Kitchen for all (Küfa): The Küfa is a centerpiece of our event because good food brings people together and nourishes our bodies & minds. Support us during the conference days in creating a free or donation-based kitchen for all. Together with a group from various kitchen collectives, we'll be chopping, cooking, and washing dishes here.

Catering: This involves serving the main meals (lunch and dinner) cooked by the Küfa and you will be responsible for providing Snacks, coffee and tea. Breakfast will also be prepared twice from 8am, making it an optimal task for early risers.

Bar: During the conference and sometimes in the evenings, there will be a bar for drinks on a donation basis. We need people who enjoy quenching the thirst of our participants.

Awareness: Participants from different countries, movements, and backgrounds come together during the People's Summit to exchange ideas, discuss collective solutions, and to drive them forward. "To be aware" means being conscious, informed, and sensitive to any problems and challenges. Our awareness team is therefore looking for people who will be present during the conference, advocate against discrimination and boundary-crossing behavior, offer support to participants, and assist those affected. If you are interested in awareness work, our awareness team will contact you separately.

Child care: You already have experience in child care? Our child care team is looking forward to your support!

Info Point & Reception: This is the hub of the summit. You will welcome new participants, explain the program to them, and be available for questions. Additionally, you will be reachable for any issues in the individual workshop rooms and can refer them to the right person.

Setup and Dismantling: Build up what builds you up! We are looking for people who can imagine supporting us at our different locations in setting up and dismantling tents, benches, tables, etc. We need helping hands mainly before, after, and between the program points.

Room Support: For the room crew, we are looking for individuals who are willing to take responsibility for the workshop rooms. Of course, you are welcome to also participate in these workshops! Your tasks include preparing the room for the session, welcoming the speakers, providing technical support, possibly taking photos, and being in contact with the info point and tech crew in emergencies. Additionally, you are a contact person for participants and you are in contact with the awareness team if necessary.

Food Transport by Cargo Bike or Car: Cooking and eating will take place at two different locations. Therefore, we need food transport by cargo bike or car twice a day. Transportable vehicles will be provided by us.

Photography & Documentation: We believe that such a great program should be documented – be it with photo, video or in written form! If you'd like to help, we can discuss whether you can bring your own equipment or what we can provide for you.

Interpreting: Do you speak other languages besides German, have already gained experience in interpreting and feel confident enough to translate individual panels, workshops and other sessions? Wonderful, with "Rederei" there is already an existing interpretation structure that you can join, and you are helping us to make the People's Summit accessible to as many people as possible!